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Organize Checklist



The first step to getting what you want is to have the courage to get rid of what you don't. 

~Zig Ziglar~



Organize Checklist



The first step to getting what you want is to have the courage to get rid of what you don't. 

~Zig Ziglar~





Need more time in your life or does nothing ever seem to be where you think it is?  Is your business growing so quickly (congratulations!) that you just want to focus on the growth, and not worry about where things belong?  Or is your life filled with juggling work, business, food shopping, kids, laundry, exercise, or feeding the dog?   How much easier would it be to have a "home" for your belongings, that when you needed something - especially right away - you know exactly where to find it?   Does that sound like a breath of fresh air? 

I don't believe it's an impossible task or skill to learn.  The question is do you want to?  Do you have the time to learn?  What if someone could create the system for you, integrating your mindset and thought process, and then showing you how to execute the system?   Sounds like a breath of fresh air and more time in your life so you can do what you want to do, instead of searching for the missing item!

Possibly there's a voice in your mind that believes that there should be "more" to just a simple approach to organizing.  This is normal, and it is the part of the mind that is so wired to "do" things.  But sometimes we just don't have the desire, want, or time to "do" (organize).   I'm here to help bypass your brain's fight or flight wiring to create acceptance and peace of mind so that being organized helps you and/or your business continue to grow and move forward.


Closets.  Garages.  Pantries.  Basements.  Attics.  Offices.  Bedrooms.  Bathrooms.  Kitchens.  Drawers.  Photographs.  Arts & Crafts.  Anything that can be sorted by A, B, C's or put into categories can have a system.

My philosophy is everything, and I mean everything, has a "home". Scissors, extension cords, pens, keys, tax returns, hats, skis, socks, hair brushes, extra bags, junk, etc. etc. -- imagine if they had a place they resided and you knew exactly where to find them - that even made sense to you!


Often the outside is a reflection of how we feel on the inside.  Can't let go or feel overwhelmed?  I bet you can tell by looking at your items.  Unmade bed, piles of clothes, and a corner that you can't look at?  A closet that is busting at the seams?  I bet you feel like that on the inside.  No judgements, it's the thing we call life.  The question is do you want something different?  Organizing is a tangible process that is pretty simple to get more space, time, and energy - rather quickly.

I believe a very tangible, and productive, process is to start with things on the outside.  Clean up a corner so it doesn't happen again by finding a home for the items that make sense to you.  One client had their office desk off the side of their kitchen.   It had a pull down cover so she could hide all the mess underneath.  After asking her a few questions, I offered that she keep the cover up and have it on display.  A simple, yet unknown, shift that empowered her desire for color and display to come alive.  Now her desk is open for everyone to see -- and it's neat and organized with beautiful colors to sweeten your eye.

If you are ready for a shift -- one that will feel empowering -- and start with the outside, my experience is things start to shift on the inside -- and empowerment can have a ripple effect in all parts of our lives, our circle of friends, and family...and your business too!

At its essence, organizing is about moving stuck energy.


Buried Dreams

Dreams Come True Through Organizing

Buried Dreams

Dreams Come True Through Organizing

From Buried Dreams to Organization

If you look at each of these photos, which represent someone's story, what does each photo feel like to you? 

Possibly the far left ("Before") feels clustered, heavy, disorganized, overwhelming, "get to it later". 

Possibly the "Buried Dreams" in the middle, feels like a bunch of stuff on top, inside, and perhaps all over that you can't take a deep breath? 

And, the "After" picture, feels lighter, colorful, bright, organized, and you can take a breath of fresh air. 

Everything is energy and usually what we show on the outside is what is happening on the inside. 

Through a tangible, productive, and transformative exercise, Stacy took action and helped her client realize her dream. 

My client wanted a place, and a welcoming space, to create art.  It's no longer buried away or shoved into places of her home that can't be accessed.  Instead, she can walk into the room, see what inspires her creativity in that moment.  My client will pick out, or "shop" (in her own closet), of the items to use, sit at her drafting table, and have fun.  She'll then return each item to its labeled "home". 

Now, she can breathe easier, and access her truer self which not only brings her joy and fulfillment, but also those around her.



When was the last time anything in this closet was seen?  used?  What value does it have, today - not when it was bought?  What else could this space hold that serves who you are today?

My client inspired to have a creative room.  With her children moving out, there was plenty of space, so she thought.  And couldn't find the motivation or skill to simply purge, categorize, and create a system for her dreams to come true.


Buried dreams

Who has time to put things where they belong?  What is your passion or dreams?  Are they in the open or buried?

My client is an artist with many aspirations to have her art on display for others to enjoy.  She would buy the necessary items, the paint brushes, paint, collage materials, and many other art supplies.  Unfortunately, they were buried and hidden - inside this furniture, and elsewhere in her home.



Everything should have a "home".  Where it lives and breathes, so you know exactly where to find it and where it should be returned when it's finished.  Does the space need to look neat, clean, colorful?  Or is  being practical more important? What system works for you?  Things in the open  for you to see or in organized containers out of sight?

It's a practice of items having a home and it is very empowering.   You might think labels are over the top in organization, but it makes life so simple as there is no thought process of where something belongs -- the label does that work for you.  In this picture, the yellow post-its will be replaced with simple clear labels once it has been lived.  These steps allow for items to be placed where it should -- and the energy of making of your dreams come true.

Now, my client has a place to walk into, gleefully look at her tools and materials, and be inspired to create art for others to see.


Before and After Story

A client's basement is suppose to be an entertainment section

Before and After Story

A client's basement is suppose to be an entertainment section

Client's Story:  Before and After 

After moving into a new home almost two years ago, time got in the way especially with a new baby.  Packed boxes were never emptied but scattered throughout their basement, extra "pantry" type items were dropped where there was space, and total chaos formed in the area which was to be the entertaining section of their home.  Imagine the energy that was felt in their home which was just steps away from this cluttered area, and could be seen from their front door.  Was the energy welcoming or heavy?  Was their joy or shame?  Clearing and organizing their basement led to tangible steps that was also clearing to their lives!


One section of their basement was piled with packed boxes, firewood, tools, art work, name it and although it was probably there, it couldn't be found - at least not in a short period of time.  All the cabinets were emptied and just waiting to be filled so they could have space to "entertain" -- that's one of the reasons they bought this house!  The fairly large section that could make a sofa, TV, and bar area feel right at home, as well as their guests. 

Entering the space with innocent curiosity, no judgement, and endless wonder allows for the clearing to happen - both tangibly and emotionally. 


the sorting process

Making space on top of the countertops allowed for the sorting process to be "seen".  Not only does this allow you to see the quantity of items you have in each category but also what size home it will need. 

This is one of the fun parts!  As I don't live there, I have no idea how much of each category that they have.  Some of the categories that organically evolved were kitchen appliances, cleaning supplies, gardening, outdoor activities, camping, tools, and household items like batteries and lightbulbs.  When the items are grouped (or categorized), you can then determine what to do with them.

Options include (1) recycle, repurpose, donate (2) trash (3) keep.  For the items to keep, then you determine where does it make sense for the client to have its "home".  In storage, such as the basement?  Or if used more frequently, in the kitchen?




This step may cause anxiety, avoidance, annoyance, or wanting to hold onto it even longer.  This step is also a critical step if the client is ready to clear their life.  "Out with the old, make room for the new" is a healthy motto to keep reminding ourselves.

There are a series of questions I review with my clients as to whether something goes into the trash.  I have the upmost respect for their things, and it isn't my life or my choice to decide if something (a pen, picture, or keychain) has sentimental value.  If my client allows, I will take the initiative and put the "obvious" trash into bags (paper with coffee stains, receipts from 4 years ago, gum wrappers) as they have the right to go through each item and decide for themselves. 

It's important to also make a container for items that look and feel "sentimental" (handwritten notes, cards, awards, photo SD cars).


"almost" after

The lungs can open wider and take in more air, the head feels lighter, the heart is beating stronger, and the head is feeling safe, confident, and joy.

There is space for you to walk, stroll, move around... there are categories to go to when an item is needed... soon each of these piles or categories will find their permanent home.  Most will be in the cabinets as there are large quantities of "pantry" type items.  Some items will find their corresponding container (holiday, outdoor gear) in the storage section of the basement.

Their dream of making this area into an entertaining section is one step closer.