Declutter Me Now

Stacy Menditto gets things done.  She's heart centered, service driven, and a grateful business owner.   Through her own transformations, she has "cleaned house", and found she needed to have the outside world (such as tangible items) match her internal/spiritual world.  Everything is energy.   Now, she lives a simple, freedom-driven, awareness life where she believes she can help others change their lives, and the world.  She currently lives in Denver, CO with her #MetroSexualCowboy.


from m.b.a. to corporate to entrepreneurship - stacy's gift is empowering through organizing

When Stacy was 12 years old, she saw her Mom's income almost double by getting an education.  There wasn't a question of whether she would get a Graduate degree, although she was the first in her family.   She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Actuarial Science followed by a Master's Degree in Management Information Systems.  (Both, coincidentally, use the same muscle as organizing!) .  It led her into a Corporate career of various Senior/Executive levels, of dodging internal politics, extensive reports, and travel that used to be enjoyable.  The door that closed, being let go after 11 dedicated years from the largest insurance broker in the world, led to a door that opened to a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life.  

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She invests in herself through many years of personal development. Stacy hired a life and business coach (Monica Day), read countless books, attended intensive experiential retreats, and experienced energy clearing sessions.  The clearing of past mistakes, a.k.a. baggage, has opened her energy flow to an abundant, positive, and serving leadership lifestyle.  She checks judgement and shame at the door, and walks into her client's environment with openness, respect, and readiness.  

She came from a scarcity environment, watching every dollar, which led to a survival-mode mindset.  Her mind always had the control, at least that is what she learned.  In reality, it was her prison.  Now, Stacy lives knowing her body doesn't lie, and her body's wisdom guides her in all her activities and decisions.  Also known, as intuition.  She experiences abundance, joy, and aliveness -- daily.  When she sees her client's space, her intuitiveness tells her where to start within the space and also invites the client's routine into the process to provide a new paradigm to serve her client's needs.

When she meets with her client, she tentatively listens to where they are struggling, what is and isn't working, why it's important to them and why now.  With sensitivity, respect, and kindness, Stacy incorporates her client's feedback and begins to take action.  Almost instantly you begin to feel more space - both tangible and energetically.  Stacy has an innate wisdom to know what needs to be done, and the motivational drive to make it happen. 

Sometimes, it's simply a time issue for her clients.  Many are busy running households, juggling calendars/schedules, building and/or running their own business(es), or all of the above.  Stacy enjoys coming into their home or office, focusing on getting her job done so that her clients can focus on what they need to do.

a constant theme throughout stacy's life: organizing

When she reflects on her life's journey, she realizes throughout her childhood, teenager, and adult years, she has always been an organizer.  When she was 8 years old, she would "straighten up" the family room, spray Windex on the silverware to make it shiny, and organize the pantry, toy closet, coat closets, and food in the cabinets on a routine basis.  Later, her friends and family would hire her to organize their closets and she couldn't say yes fast enough.  When she travels, she always packs Cryptograms (puzzles) to do on the airplane; when she's on vacation, she's the person who pulls out the jigsaw puzzle and completes it.  Additionally, her college degrees and experience in the Corporate world, also could be summed up to "organizing".  Her organization muscle is extremely strong and ready to serve her clients.  

Today, through her own life experiences of cleaning her "mental house" that allowed her to be tuned into her intuition, she brings this to her clients.  In return, they feel safe, honored, and empowered.  Some say that Stacy's enthusiasm and love for what she does is inspiring and contagious.   When she walks into a space, she knows and sees what needs to be done.  She then gets to work and follows the steps to make it happen.  Her client's feel empowered not only by the new system that feeds and works within their lifestyle and mindset, but also sensing the fulfillment Stacy expresses from doing the work.

Stacy is helping change the World by sharing her experiences and serving others to live a life that is simpler, more free, and lighter.

Krystal Covington, founder of Women of Denver, interviews Stacy Menditto, a tenacious Denver connector who takes pride in facilitating the growth of new relationships. 

Stacy continually has the opportunity to meet and connect with many people and introduce them to solutions that add value to their lives.


Stacy has a leadership mentality, high-energy, and has a deep belief that freedom is what we are all seeking.  She is committed to living a life of purpose and fulfillment, trusting and allowing her body and intuition, so that she can empower others to help change the world. 


Her organization skills started at a young age in her home helping her single mom with 4 children.  Stacy would organize the pantry that was a long closet with 5-6 shelves on each side that spanned the entire 15 foot closet.   Deciding which foods they ate most frequently as well as the weight of the items helped her create the categories in the most efficient spots.  Next came the toy room which was another walk-in closet, about the size of 2 coat closets with toys from all ages for 4 children.   Another favorite room to organize was the "heater" room where pots, pans, mixing bowls, flour, and other essentials for an Italian family would be stored.

From the beginning of her career, her "organizing muscle" got stronger -- knowing what her manager needed before he asked for it, and knew exactly where it was as she was Secretary;  as a cashier at a food market, her favorite part was placing the food items in the bags like Tetris or a puzzle, as well as organizing the money into the proper order;  her sister hired her to organize her long walk in closets and aligning the items into categories for easy access.  Later in the Corporate world, as Chief of Staff, she was the organizer for documents, minutes, and tracking of various departments.   


  • Born at Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia PA

  • Associate's Degree from Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell PA, in Psychology and Math

  • Bachelor's Degree from Temple University, Philadelphia PA, in Actuarial Science

  • Master's of Business Administration Degree from LaSalle University, Philadelphia PA, in Management Information Systems

  • Sr. Actuarial Analyst at Prudential Insurance Company, Ambler PA, for AARP Medicare Supplement plans

  • Sr. System Analyst at Tower's Perrin, Philadelphia PA, for Raytheon and other clients

  • Chief of Staff at Marsh & McLennan, Philadelphia PA, for Chief Information and Chief Operating Officer

  • Sales at Marsh & McLennan, Philadelphia PA, for Affinity Programs

  • Sales at Tax Saving Professionals, Vero Beach FL, for High Net Worth clients (worked remote)

  • Small business owner, Wealth Connections, LLC and Declutter Me Now, LLC

  • Resides in Lakewood, CO

The purpose of life is to unlearn what has been learned, and to remember what has been forgotten.
— --Sufi Saying