I went over to my client's house.  I was going through serious withdrawal.  I haven't been over there in 4 days to organize.  I was truly excited to dive in, empower, and organize.

After a conversation of how her new systems were working for her; which I have to say, she was smiling with excitement and sense of freedom yet empowerment, when she described her past 48 hours.  "I had three things in my hands, and I thought, where are their homes?  I must take them there."   When she went on a spontaneous ski trip, she knew exactly where to go to find her hat, gloves, and equipment -- a time saver, and no longer beating herself up for being lost and confused.  

Today's challenge was her closet.  Despite the beautiful array of color blouses and tops, the dozen plus jeans and yoga pants, and twenty or so bras, she knew it was time.  Every morning when she opened her closet door, it was dreadful and chaotic. 

Is that the way we should start off our day???

I moved every single top/shirt/blouse into her bedroom and created a few distinct piles.  Instead of organizing by color, I organized by type.  Types that included  dressy long sleeve, t-shirts, semi-casual short sleeves, etc. 

A simple change in organizing - from color to type -- and that still fit her mind's paradigm, and it's a new beginning. 

Now, when she opens her closet door to get dressed for the day, she already knows the weather as well as her itinerary for the day, so she simply matches the two -- and with a smile to start her day.

That's how we should begin every day -- with a smile and feeling of empowerment.