I couldn't believe my ears when I heard those words.  And then these words "paycheck is a loser mentality".  Didn't he know I received a paycheck since I was 15 years old?  That I went to college for over 7 years to get a fat paycheck?  It didn't matter.  Paycheck is the traditional, industrial way of thinking.  I know that now.  So, thank you, Robert Kiyosaki for this honest look into why I wasn't getting wealthy.

I was trading my time for a paycheck.  Wealth isn't created by a paycheck, it creates a living. As much as I was living a decent lifestyle, I was sacrificing a lot.   I sacrificed my ethics as I felt trapped not to be able to speak up about what unethical behaviors were happening at the C-level of my Corporate job.  I sacrificed time with my friends and family as I flew around the country.  I sacrificed security - yes, security.  

I'm a Leo and we are naturally loyal.  I learned there was no longer security with any job, no matter the length of time or service you gave that company, you gave parts of your life to.   I sacrificed working with people I didn't trust, like, or respect.

Am I grateful?  Yes.  There were a lot of perks - the American Express card, the points/rewards for travel, the many delicious meals, friends I gained, expertise and skills that improved, and a few mentors along the way.  But in the end, when it comes to wealth and financial security, that's just not true working for someone else.

So I said yes, told the world, and I'm figuring it out.  For the past two years, I've lived a life I didn't know could exist.  I wake up when I want to, talk/work/engage with people that I want to, and I'm on a path to create wealth. Wealth that will go beyond buying a new car or house, or paying off my families mortgages, but wealth that will make a massive improvement in this world.

Thank you for all those paychecks.  Thank you for the wealth that is coming my way, that I can share with so many more people than my paychecks could.