That's a new concept for me.  When I worked for Corporate, I made a decent wage.  I would get a steady paycheck every two weeks.  And I would work another two weeks, and get paid again. Was I getting wealthy, despite my 6 figure income?  No.  Was I making my boss, his boss, the Board, and shareholders, wealthy?  Well, yes.  They were getting paid based on my work efforts, my sales.  They leveraged themselves.

Wages don't create wealth.  Wages help you make a "living".  Well, I wanted more.

The way to create wealth is through leverage.  Well known financial gurus, that walked the walk, don't trade their time for a paycheck.  They leverage themselves.  Whether it's through rental income properties, car wash or laundry mat ownership, or network marketing, they leveraged their time.  They created wealth as these items would make them an income whether they were there or not.

Why do so many people have judgements against network marketing?  They usually say "oh, you have to get someone, to get someone, and you make money off of what they make...".  Isn't that true of any company?  Insurance? real estate? car sales?  Everyone gets a piece of the pie.

The difference is in network marketing it is about helping your team.  Period.  If they don't succeed, you don't succeed.  It's about entrepreneurship, helping individuals create an income.  It's not about politics, greed, supporting unethical actions, or about the bottom line no matter the cost.  It's about people.  It's about hard work.  It's what this country was founded on.  

Leveraging your time, helping others to succeed, and being a people's business are just a few reasons why I left the Corporate world and haven't looked back.  It's time for entrepreneurship to help turn our country's economy around.