A team member shared his why, but also his goal.  Let's just say the financial goal was well-over 6 digits a year. He joined our team almost a month ago, and yet, I haven't seen any activity.  Not that he has to report to me, however, he did ask me to hold him accountable and coach him along the way.  When I say activity, I mean calling me for a 3-way call so that I can welcome his prospect, and share with him/her the vision of our company - as well as the excitement and tremendous growth. I haven't received any calls.

We talked for about 90 minutes.  After the dance-around, I had to ask him straight out, what was going on.  More dancing-around, and denying he was not afraid of getting a "no" (lots of negatives in that phrase!).  In the end, that was it.  So we talked through it, new ways of looking at it, different approaches of what to say and how to say it, and even role-played (which took 60 seconds, and the point was made).  

Then it came to his goal for the week.  3 calls for the week.  3 calls estimated to last 2 minutes each.  That's 6 minutes a week, and yet he expected to make 6 digits a year??  Where does that even happen??  Vegas - not.  Stock market - not.  A job - nope again.   This little "observation" was made very clear.

Tonight, he already made 3 calls.  It's a start.  A good start.