It feels backward to just be reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.  But it's the truth.  Today I listened to the audio-book, and something rang so true in my core, it was a deep ah-ha moment.  This maybe obvious or so simple that you won't believe me.  But it's the truth.

My pattern with money has been a see-saw. Feeling abundant then feeling scarcity. Repeat. Robert says that people stay in jobs because of fear.  They get scared of where the money will come from, so they stay "employed" even though they are unhappy and/or don't feel like they are getting under-paid.  It's an emotional decision, not a thought-out decision.  Wow.  How true that is.

Being on the entrepreneurial path, the "security" of the bi-weekly paycheck is removed.  Funny how that played with my mind.  It felt freeing, but also wondered when the money would come. Robert shared his experience when he was 9 years old, and listening to it, I had could put words to what I recently experienced.   I would be asked to go to a personal development course, and my first reaction was, no way, I can't afford it and the downward spiral would begin.  And a day or so later, I thought about it from an intellectual mind perspective, not fear nor emotion. It was a wise business decision to go. So I said yes.

I had to go through the process, the experience of realizing what a paycheck was (fear, insecurity, selling my soul), to fear of running out of money (scarcity), to being in debt, to get me to the space of where I can look at money from the mind, and not the emotion.  Wow.  I got my financial power back.  And an education.

Thank you Robert Kiyosaki.