He said to cultivate, don't motivate.  What does that mean for you, I ask.  He replied, like a Bonsai tree.  

A bonsai tree grows naturally on its path, each branch taking its course, each leaf growing when and where it's suppose to.  We help cultivate and nurture it, but don't give it direction nor can we speed up its growth.

It resonated with me.  I have a strong tendency to want to motivate, and also hurry up the process with my team, or when in a conversation and I can see the answer!  Wait..I know what you need to do, say, or change, or where your growth it - I know!!  And, here it has nothing to do with me.  It's their path, their timing, their lessons.

How can we cultivate one another?  We can ask questions, possibly to answers or thoughts or considerations that they haven't seen.

The service we can provide is to cultivate, not motivate..let each other grow on their path the way they are meant to grow, naturally.

Just like a bonsai tree.