I remember listening to Tony Robbins and he was talking about hitting a (financial) plateau at different points in his career.  Do you what changed it for him?  When he didn't make it about him.  His goals were about helping others.  First, it was with the birth of his son.  Another time it was about feeding kids...and then feeding 1 million kids.  Each time, his salary increased.

In the last interview I heard him say that he fed 42 million kids in his lifetime.  That's really impressive, and it is certainly is giving back. Guess what?  Now, his goal is to feed 42 million kids in one year!!  What do you think will happen to his income?!

Imagine that feeling -- from the financial wealth but more importantly from his spirit, how fulfilling.  

I have certain financial goals, and they are started conservative - $100K/year, then to $250K/year.  Which was a process.  And then I thought about things that are important to me - environment, right to know what is in our food such as GMO's, having the choice if we want our kids vaccinated, our rain forests.... my goal grew to $100K/month.  

After hearing Tony, I think I need to even stretch my goals even bigger.  It's not about me.  It's about what I can do for this planet and for others.