So many times I get caught up in the scarcity cycle.  I'm not a shopper or a big spender.  I will spend extra money on what goes into my body - like organic, healthy food.  Sometimes being an entrepreneur, it feels like going back to the basics.  Re-learning.  And during that time, it takes a while for your business to bring in the income you're used to having.  So the mental mind wants to play head games with you and trap you back into being safe & secure.  It doesn't know that a j.o.b. isn't equate to safe & secure.  In fact, it's just the opposite (hence the re-learning).

When it comes to money, the mental mind can cause you to feel heavy, depressed, like you have 1,000 pounds on your back and you are scared to move, think, or do anything including spend money.

I surrendered to it.  I confronted it.  "Money you are energy.  You want to stay in flow.  Spend, receive, repeat.  I will do that."  and mental mind "you can no longer control me or money, because money is only energy." 

All the brainwashing (albeit they meant well) of don't go into debt - ever.  Causes paralysis.  Not freedom.  What if I go into debt, does that make me a bad person?  or deserve to go to jail?  I can still be responsible and someday be financially free, so the debt is just a temporary stepping stone.  No need to beat ourselves up about it.  It's our journey called life.

I wouldn't go back to Corporate for the nice 6 figure income just to say I'm debt free.  I'd rather build a team of people who want freedom, who want to control their destiny, and want to choose their life - and not what a boss tells them.  That to me is priceless.