Have you ever had a moment of such clarity that you felt it to your core?  

I've read it, heard it, read it, heard it...over and over again.  Intellectually I understand it.  Afterall, it's one of my favorite symbols, infinity.  It means no beginning, no ending.  Like outer space.  Where is that point where it ends?  Is there a wall?  If so, what is on the other side of the wall?Thank you Wayne Dyer for writing it in that context.

Have you ever had a favorite restaurant, and then it closed or moved?  or a favorite menu item that they change something in the recipe?  Or in a relationship that you just know someday it will end.  The end, it's always near and coming.

Even death.

But...my lesson that I received to my core is that it doesn't end.  There's no ending no beginning, it just is in flow..constantly... one restaurant closes, another opens....one relationship ends, another begins...

That lifted about 20 tons off my shoulders and out of my mind/ego.  It's about flow.  We are infinite beings, and we are capable of infinite possibilities.

Which will you choose on your path?