Everything.  Every.little.or.big.thing.is.energy.

What a concept.  I take things personally.  Not anymore.  Why not?  Because it has nothing to do with me.  It has to do with energy.  What does the energy - in this moment, in this circumstance, in this conversation, feel like?  What is it telling me?  How does it feel - heavy, light?  sharp or smooth?  fast or slow?  The energy is wise, the energy is information.

This new learning has changed my life.  I feel more empowered.  I feel more free.  I feel like I have choice.  I'm not imprisoned by my thoughts.   I feel the energy of the moment and that is what needs to happen - to be of service to myself, to others, to the World.

When I open our pantry closet, it gives off an energy -- it was full, overloaded, no room to breathe, no room to find anything, no room for anything else.  The energy was heavy, abrasive, and crying for help.   Whenever I walked by the closet, I knew what was on the inside.  I couldn't just close that door again and ignore it.   I took the 90 minutes and emptied the closet.  Everything in there.  What would you feel like if you were the closet?  Does it feel familiar to your own life, or parts of it?   My intuition and skill knew what needed to happen next.

Now, when I open the closet door, I can breathe.  Why?  Because my closet can again.  That's how all of our closets should be, and everything in our life could be.

Energy.  It's all energy.  And I'm a fan of letting it flow - easily and openly.