It was about 2 months ago when my coach challenged us to demonstrate what's our purpose...without any words.  All body movement.  What?? How??  I've never been a fan of charades, and this is taking it a step deeper -- this is my purpose afterall!!

How dare she?

Because that's what makes Monica Day, well, Monica Day.  A transformational coach.  Of course, she picked me as the guinea pig for the 8 other entrepreneurs seeking a deeper meaning of their lives, of their business, of their purpose.

So I began acted it out.  Yes, with small hand gestures, a small smirky grin, and maybe a slight bend in my knees.  I spread open my arms about 3 feet, closed my hands almost in a pinching position and brought them together, as I slightly bent down as if pulling something from the Earth, and then took my hands above my head and pulled down as if pulling something down from the then complete the cycle.

Nope.  Not good enough.  Monica bent down in a grounding position, heart forwarded, hips behind, and looked me in the eye and said "do it again".  So I did.  Nope, not big enough.  This time when she looked me in the eyes, I felt it.  I felt it in every cell of my body.  

Yes, I must go there.  I must go to the purpose within my cells, within my body and act out what I was feeling in body movements.   I teared up.  I couldn't resist.

The same body motions but this time .. every motion was bigger.  My arms were now spread 5 feet apart.  My knees were in 90 degree bend.  My pulling from the Earth and pulling from the sky were with intention, force, and ownership.

I owned my purpose.  Everyone felt it. I felt it.  There's no going back.

My purpose is in my body.  I connect people with heart centered businesses to solutions supplied by the Universe.