Sounds hokey-pokey, right?  Maybe a little feng-shui?  It's similar to breath in, breath out; wax on, wax off.

If we take a breath, become innocently curious, and be open -- meaning no judgements or expectations -- the space will tell you what it needs.  I believe the space (or "room") needs to breathe too, and it doesn't feel good to be stuffed, trashed, disorganized, or in mass chaos.  It wants to serve you but our disorganization won't let it.

The room will tell me what it needs.  Sometimes it feels like a 911 call and others it feels like, I'm glad you're hear, this is where you need to begin.  So I go to that area and I begin.  And, then the next step, and the next... and I can feel when it can take a deep breath...I must admit, it sure does feel good.

If you walk into a room or look at an area, and you feel stuck, stale, overwhelmed, or like someone is sitting on your chest.  Take a moment.  Take a breath.  And listen.

Else, call me.