One of my clients had a huge stack of clothes, still with their TJ Maxx tag, to be returned to the store.  Approximately 50 pieces of clothing, bought at different dates/times so they had different receipts, had to be sorted into a pile with the matching receipt.  At first, I said no-way.  You see, when I was younger, like 10-12 years old, my Mom would ask, scratch that -- "tell" me, that I had to go into the store and make the returns for her.  The worst part was that most of the time she didn't have a receipt.  If you ever made a return, you know that not having a receipt is a big ordeal.  There was one specific time (isn't there always?!) that she sent me into the store with an item to return with no receipt, and "supposedly" no tag on the item.  I got into an argument with the lady working there as she protested that the item wasn't bought at that store.  Of course, my mom telling me that it was, I protested back saying yes it was.  After a few bitter exchanges, she flipped the item over, and there was the tag --- and the tag was from another store.

Needless to say, many years later I still remember this traumatic event, and I shiver ever time I have to make a return.  Now, I try to make light of the situation with the person on the other side that works for the store.  And, 99% of the time, I make sure I have the receipt.

Now, back to present day, when my client asked me to do this.  I said, I'll enjoy taking the clothes and putting them into piles based on matching it with the appropriate receipt; afterall, that's part of my business - I organize, categorize, purge (clothes that had no receipt -- I wasn't taking them back!), and return to their "home" (aka TJ Maxx).  

This is an example of the byproduct that comes with organizing.  And this time it was an empowering moment for me.   I was able to cleanse an event in my childhood, help out a client, and return the items to a very friendly gentlemen who didn't have any issue with making the returns.  Of course, each pile was placed in a bag with the right receipt - and I made it as easy (and fun) as possible.

I have a dark space that was cleared and brought light to it inside my body, my client has more space in her house where the clothes were stacked, and she had some extra cash for her vacation.

What is holding you back from organizing?  Let me assist you by setting up a system for you, so you can live a more empowering life, and be able to breathe easier.