Last night, my fiancé said “I read this article and it said to get rid of 8 items a day for the next 10 days”. My first thought was a feeling of relief. How good would that feel, how much more space would we have, and oh how I can’t wait to help you do that!! lol . Then I thought, do I have 80 items to donate?, oh this will be tough.

After more thought, I went from thinking of 80 clothes items to just 80 items in general — clothes, sheets, shoes, files, etc. etc — oh the world just opened up! I can do that for a month!

I found that my clients hold onto items because, “I paid $x for that, I can never get rid of it.” When I ask how long ago that was, they almost always have the term “years” in their answer. So we hold onto something because of the money we spent on it — even if it’s value today is $0. The wake-up reality is that $x is already spent, long gone, and is holding you down — today.

If you want to take on this challenge and find yourself saying this statement to yourself, be kind, be compassionate to yourself, and say “I’m glad I could afford $x, but it’s now costing me peace, time, energy, and space and I value that more. Good-bye.”