I created my business name, Declutter Me Now. What does that name even mean? I’m so glad you asked!

We have clutter in our homes and offices. It just happens. It’s a part of life. We buy too much stuff, keep things we don’t need, stack papers in the corner to sort through later, technology changes so quickly that CDs, VHS tapes, and cassettes get set aside to deal with later, or we just don’t have time. These examples amongst others, create clutter.

We thrive and are committed to decluttering our client’s homes. We understand and fully respect your feelings and possessions as we move through the decluttering process. It is a cleansing and empowering decluttering process, and even fun!

Why “Me”? We believe that everything is energy. Everything. Our stuff, our feelings, our homes, our clutter. Usually what is happening on the outside is a reflection of what is happening on the inside. If you can’t find your keys, have stacks of papers, boxes that need to be emptied, or have to walk across the room to get a fry pan, most likely your time and schedule is overbooked, overwhelming, and a challenge to ever feel caught up. As we declutter your space, we also declutter your space - internally. And, boy, is it so freeing — it’s like taking a breath of fresh air!

Why “now”? Why not? When you feel like you have had enough, that you are ready to make a tangible shift in your life, we can serve you by helping you declutter. Life is too short to wait any longer.