My journey is taking me on the teachings of water.  Someone said, what we knew about pharmaceutical drugs in the 1800's versus today, is how little we know about water.  In my conversations, I find this to be true.  Heck, I'm guilty!

Remember when bottled water was "invented"?  I remember thinking, why would I pay money for water when I can get it out of my faucet.  Now, bottled water is a $15 Billion industry.  Well known soda manufacturers supplement their sales with bottled water.  Unfortunately, what I have learned is bottled water may be slightly better than tap water (all relative), it still is acidic.

Considering our bodies are 70% water, as every one of our 37 TRILLION cells contains water, it is very critical to our quality of life to consider the type of water we drink.  Popular water types include reverse osmosis, or RO.  This is simply "dead" water.  All minerals - good and bad - are removed.  This also applies to distilled water.  Bottled brand waters also differ from one another. Some brands are more acidic than other brands.

As a reminder, diseases grow in acidic environments.

Not all water is equal.  Acidic = disease.  Alkaline = healthy

Not all water is equal.  Acidic = disease.  Alkaline = healthy

In my research, I have discovered the health benefits of fresh, alkaline water.  Popular brands that market "alkaline" water must add a chemical to "try" and preserve the pH level.  Why would anyone want to drink water that has added chemicals?  To me, that's marketing.  And probably in the line up of evil, it's the lesser of the others.

Not all water is equal; and it is very critical and vital to our quality of life, to remain youthful inside and out, to do research.  It's worth the time, money, and effort.