Think what you would do for your child.  Walk a hundred miles?  Fight for his rights all the way to the Supreme Court?  Stay up all night listening to her fears?  Anything and everything without a doubt.  

Where's that passion, that fire, with your business?

How many no's would it take for you to just quit?

Would you quit on your child?  Why quit on your dreams, then?  What example would you be setting?

The power of no is what you give it.  It can either make you better - as with every no there is a lesson - even if it's just wrong timing.  Or it can make you quit.  It's your choice, your power.

I have learned that getting No's is part of the formula to getting to the Yes's.  It's not one or the other, it's not left is yes and right is no like at a "T" in the road.  It's that I have to go through the "no" neighborhood to get to the "yes" neighborhood -- it's part of the journey, the process, the practice.

So when you think of the no's and they make you want to quit.  Remember that passion you have to never stop for your child - use it for your dreams, you will make you and your child and this planet at a better place.