It's kind of scary knowing that almost everyone I talked to is either sick, or knows someone who has this dreaded cold.  Are we all connected? I've had the fever, exhaustion, low energy that turned into sleepless nights due to a hacking cough for the past 12 days.  My body is telling me something.

Well, what is it?

It's time for a clean slate, a new start.  What I was doing, wasn't working.  It wasn't creating the level of success that is meant for me.  I was starting to live old habits again - old thought patterns.  Ones that kept me playing small, putting labels on things/relationships, trying to control, force, or down right be a person on her pedestal.   So getting sick, put me in bed, wondering why am I sick, what is my body telling me. 

Now I know.

There is a life for everyone one of us - to claim, to live, to embrace, to love.  I love my life, I really do. But it's coming at a cost of playing it small, and I'm done with that.  There are many people that are feeling what I am, and it's my drive to share with them that there is a better way.  Yes, we are all connected.

Our bodies never lie.  If you don't trust your mind, your ego, or yourself because our mind can create and manipulate to keep itself safe, at least you can trust your body.  It doesn't lie.