I like that word, "game".  It implies fun.  And when you add "prosperity" to the phrase, I definitely have a the mindset that I want to win.

But what if you have scarcity mentality?  I grew up cutting coupons, feeling guilty for buying anything extravagant, and did all that I could instead of hiring someone.  I remember my Mom asking me if I wanted to skip school because the Supermarket was having a sale AND TRIPLE coupon day.  Oh golly, what an exciting day.  Although I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, the energy was scarcity.

Until now.

I'm remapping my financial reprint.  Yep, reprogramming.  I have ideas and visions and world change that I want to do, and money will help me do it. 

So what is this prosperity game?

It's a practice to put into play.  At first, I challenge you to do it for 21 consecutive days.  Start with $10,000.  And write down how you would spend every dollar of it.. specifics and detailed as possible (Don't just say it out loud or in your mind, it is imperative to write it down.)   If you want to go on a trip, where would you go, how much would airfare, hotel, food, entertainment would it cost?  If you have credit card debt, who is the creditor?  Then day 2, add another $10,000.  So now you have $20,000 to spend.  Then day 3, $30,000.  Keep adding $10,000 everyday, for 21 days.  

You will start to see where your blocks are, where your mindset is...and this exercise helps to get them out of the way, so the money can easily flow.  Your subconscious mind will believe it already happened, and the Universe will find the "how" to make it happen - just have faith. Do the game. Have fun.  Be creative. Give.  Be of service.

Thank you Kathleen Deggelman for showing me this game.  It has changed my life.

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