Imagine being at a table, and you have a choice.  To eat from the top of the table where it is a much as you want to eat, and anything that you want to eat.  Or, to eat from underneath the table, where there are crumbs.   It might seem obvious, so let me ask you this, "in your life, relationship, job, or other area, are you holding onto something small, living small?  or are you living to the fullest expression with abundance, joy, and unlimited possibility?"

In two conversations, as well as with my own reflection, I heard the words "what if I don't find it again, in someone else"?   In other words, "shouldn't I just hold onto these crumbs, even though I want more than what I have right now, it's better than nothing, right?"

I challenge you to look at your life from afar and subjective mode.  Are you holding tight onto something that feels small, like it's not everything you want?  Are you too afraid to reach for the entire dream, job, promotion, or launching your own business -- for the buffet?

Here's a chance to say, I want more, and I'm going for it!!  There's no reason to keep starving.