I've come to believe that there is a simple way to know if you are an organizer or not.  In my experience, my clients all answer yes to this one question:  Do they buy the containers first?  Yes, yes, yes!  In fact, several of my clients had a variety of containers, aka baskets, already in their homes.  The biggest problem is they were not used and they were not the right size.

So if your mind wants to go buy a basket, pretty box, or a container of any sort before you purged, donated, trashed, repurposed, and sorted, then you most likely are a creative person.

There's no judgement, no right or wrong.  Possibly take this as insight and knowledge to help you understand who you are.  It also might provide you relief instead of trying to force yourself, or your time and energy, into doing something instead of your gifts for the world.

A short but right on point story.  One of my clients wanted to reorganize his two young kid's closets.  This included buying new containers -- but the container was a closet storage unit -- like $700-$1,000 each.  This is a chunk of change.  He really got emotional and almost demanding about it - like we need to buy these today, right now.  This was before taking everything out of the closets, seeing what we want to keep vs. donate, how many clothes need to be on hangers, how many could be folded in drawers, did they want to "see" the clothes (drawers vs. shelves), how much floor space was needed for the toys, books, crafts.... and the list of unknown questions kept growing.  My head was spinning, my body felt tight, nothing felt right.  

Please do all that you can to hold off on purchasing the containers.  I suggest viewing it as a "reward" for after shopping.  You know, like going out for a new outfit after a work-out, or even dessert :)