You just know it.  You feel it, you sense it, and you try to block it out.  As much as we want to deny it, these "actions" take energy away from us.  Yet, day in and day out, we don't have the time, energy, know-how, or desire to do it.

But I do.

I know which closets, rooms, areas, and the like need my attention.  I think about it daily.  Yet, summer is here and it's sunny outside -- all of it can wait, right?

Not for me.

I can't wait to attack our 2 sheds and our garage.  Yes, I said it.  I'm super excited.  I'll admit that there are other priorities, such as hiking and spending quality time with family.  But when that opportunity surfaces, and I know it will, it's game time.

One shed has a sofa standing on it's side, cushions with paint cans on top of them, about 6 containers of who knows what, even more of a number of brown boxes from moving or past-on relatives, and who knows how many cobwebs.  The other shed has a perimeter of brown boxes, black containers, and piles and piles of stuff, and I think our holiday items are stacked somewhere out in one if not both these sheds.

So, I know which spot is next for me.  One if not both of the sheds.  Everything is coming out onto the lawn.  Everything will be sorted into categories.  And then it's time to containerize the categories and find their homes.  I can't wait!!