I was self sabotaging.  I had big dreams, and honestly, they were so big that my body couldn't feel them and my mind couldn't wrap around it.  How do you imagine $100,000 a month?  What would that feel like, look like, what would you buy?  I had my dreams so big that it was simply a joke to my mind.  

The ironic part is I didn't want to play it "small" anymore.  So I thought by dreaming big, I wasn't being small.  But if I can't create it, how could the big dreams ever come true?  

Until, I had a shift, a mental clarity.  Take the small, actionable steps, and repeat.  I know how to create and spend $10,000 a month.  I know what steps I have to take.  It's by doing the little things that allows me to expand into "greatness", into bigger dreams.

In essence, I'm playing and dreaming big...just one, small step at a time.