Today I was practicing my story to get it under 60 seconds.  I noticed a theme of how network marketing is 180 degrees from Corporate world.  It's like a total reversal.

From my experience, Corporate is about the bottom line.  Not about people.  It's about working really hard, over 40 hours a week which is the only amount of hours you get paid for;  who is sleeping with who; politics, and expense cutting.  You don't get to choose who you work with, nor how often your job description gets changed.  

In network marketing, it is 100% about people.  Imagine that!  A business, you get to own, and the only way you succeed is by helping others succeed.  It's about choosing who you want on your team, who you talk to, have fun with, and help achieve their dreams.  It's about making an income that you want and deserve without limits.  You can't get fired, you can only quit.

So for anyone out there in the rat race, or just about to enter it, may I suggest to you to weigh out your options. Network marketing is 180 from Corporate, and definitely a better way.