I had a stack of Toastmaster's magazines in a pile on top of my old, rustic, Spanish treasure chest.  Every day I looked at that pile, and it just didn't seem organized.  Anytime, I wanted to get into the treasure chest, I lifted the pile up and onto my sofa for them to spread out, and having to pick back up, shuffle & organize to straighten.  

Today I went to Home Goods and bought a whicker basket to put these magazines into.  I'm sitting here looking at it and I get a sense of relief, a sense of peace & relaxation, and a little pride of the actual basket I picked out.

If there's an area in your home that draws energy out of you, or takes up mental space, don't ignore it - cause it's taking up space whether you deny it or not!  But do something about it.  If it means an hour out of your day, $7.99 out of your wallet, and a drive to the store, trust me, it's worth it.

The little things in life are not just little, they can be empowering, majestic, and begin a flow of positive energy just waiting to come out.  Go ahead, Give it a try.