Today I went for a hike; I needed to step away as I was getting caught up in my old routine of "it has to be hard, it has to be work, for me to succeed."

There's this underlying belief that it has to be hard, doing something that I don't enjoy or just pushing through to get by.  That it has to be "work", behind a computer, or in an "office", to make money.

The good news is that old habits can be replaced!!  

I went on a hike, and instead of the scheduled 8 people showing up, only one woman did.  So she and I went on the hike together - sharing stories, laughing, getting lost in the woods, and we ended up having lunch and went shopping together.  It was fun.  And, guess what??  She's going to introduce me to someone that our Ionizer machine can help!!  Who would of thunk it?!

Yes, you can actually do something you love, have fun, and still make money.  In fact, that's my reoccurring theme!  It's becoming my reality.  My old habits have a way to want to claim space in my mind, but new habits are getting stronger!

You can have fun and achieve succeed.  Isn't the way it's suppose to be?!